In 1986 my seasonal allergies progressed in severity and became year-round while under a specialist’s care for two years and became a bigger challenge during pregnancy when remedies were limited. Then after pregnancy in late 1987 premenstrual symptoms began raging 25 days out of each month, including dramatic mood swings, infertility, and severe depression. This too was under the care of three doctors two of them were ob/gyn specialist's. In 1988 I was diagnosed with Advanced Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease and told by several doctors that my neck would be fused by 1992 and that the only thing they had to offer me was pain-management as there was no cure. Severe digestive issues and recurrent infections also became part of the mystery. I was told I’d need rotator cuff surgery for a shoulder that dislocated often and included severe episodes of bursitis. And in 1989 a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune thyroid disease, was added to the list. By 1989 I had acquired lots of names for my conditions, was given dismal predictions about my future, offered illogical explanations about why this was happening and ultimately had no solutions. 

     When I first became ill I did what most Christians do; I went forward for prayer and began seeing doctors. After 18 months, 11 or 12 doctors, and lots of prayer, I was worse, much worse! So I canceled all medical appointments, cried out to God, and was taken on an amazing journey. Along the way God revealed what's wrong with the typical approach to healing and why we aren't seeing more improvements. He helped me understand that it's pointless for Him to heal someone who doesn't know what's making them sick as they will not know how to maintain the healing. Since several authorities on our health are reporting that 70 to 80% of disease is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, God made a valid point. He'd be wasting 70 to 80% of His blessings. 

     Then in 1994 I was riding bikes with a girlfriend and fell twelve feet from an unrailed bridge into a shallow river and broke my back. Fortunately this friend who lived 250 miles away had taken a spontaneous trip to see me and was a certified first-aid instructor and just finished a training for water rescue with an emphasis on potential back injury. The x-rays showed me to be a paraplegic but thankfully that wasn't in God's plan. The doctor installed two ten-inch rods and a bone graph in my spine and I wore a hard plastic shell with a bar that went up to my collar bone for an entire year. I progressed from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane and eighteen months after that first event I fell in a hardware store. Someone left white PVC pipe laying across the aisle on a white tile floor and I stepped on it. This event took me into 11 years of horrible suffering and unfortunately there were parts of this journey that could only be survived as answers didn't always manifest instantly. I knew to stay away from the Rx pain meds and again relied on God to lead me to my recovery. I saw many patients turned into full-blown junkies but I wanted to actually heal my body so I held out for methods that offered that.  

     I found it deeply disturbing that not one answer I needed to get well came through mainstream medicine for any of my health challenges; NOT ONE! And now that I've unraveled all of this I realize they couldn't solve any of the issues. They don't have the knowledge! I was equally disturbed that not one thing I needed to do to get well or stay well was/is paid for by health insurance. This tells me that in MANY cases they don't know what to do, don't want to know what to do, and aren't going to pay for what actually brings health. So why are they the "go to" institution for the management of our health when their ideas are strictly limited to a pharmaceutical approach?  

     Today I'm well and haven't been to a mainstream medical doctor for illness since 1989, though I'm a grateful benefactor of their surgical skills post-trauma. Even then the knowledge I'd acquired helped my body heal in a profound way and I was able to avoid pitfalls and enhance my recovery beyond their limited knowledge. 

     God harassed me to write a book until I complied. Everything that got in the way of this was taken from me. It was published on in April of 2015. Forty-eight hours before and forty-eight hours after doing so some Divinely-connected events ended up with me meeting a doctor that I mention in the book and her invitation for me to join her on a nationally-syndicated radio show. I went from ink still wet on the pages, nobody knows me, to the national stage, which confirmed that this book was in fact, God's idea. You can read more about this story on the blog at:

     People reading the book are reporting "chills and shivers." One man told me that just reading the preface dropped him to his knees in tears. Another man in Australia asked for a Skype call and an hour into the call he admitted that he'd started crying shortly after we began talking and had been unable to stop. He sniffled the remainder of the call and said, "When you speak I hear God." Another long-time friend called me to thank me for writing it and as she was sharing what it had done with her relationship with God she began sobbing.  

     Then a woman contacted me after reading some comment I made on a Facebook post and said, "People like you make me miss being in radio." So we talked for an hour by phone and she offered to coach me and help me build an audience for FREE, just because she felt compelled to do so. She didn't even know there was a book. So God is moving this project forward and we'll just see where we end up.

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